Documents required for Airtel tower installation

We have a hassle-free documentation process for Airtel tower installation. We know that every owner's problem and difficulty to show major documents so that the company keep in mind these type of issues and ask those documents which are available easily. So without this problem, you can apply and follow this process.

The company will provide all convenience and help in every section but the documentation process is a most important part in every department so you should give the correct documents, there should be no error in those documents, due to which you may have to face any problem. Most documents are mandatory and need to be verified so carry on when you register your name as same as your document's name and address. The property paper or land survey paper is necessary to verify the location of Airtel mobile towers. After that, No-Objection Certificate (NOC) for property clearance and then receive bank details for rent and advance amount.

Identity Verification

Without this step, the company cannot perform any action to provide the correct documents, there should no errors.

Property Documents

For property verification, the company needs the documents of the property and it is also must provide for approval.

No-Objection Certificate

This is clearance of the tower location, which means no objection there for Airtel installation tower.

Bank Account Details

To receive the advance amount and after successful installation, the owner receives monthly rent of tower.

Airtel Tower Documents

Airtel 5G & 4G Mobile Tower Documentation

Required documents are listed here and more further processes will be done after this step

Identity Card

Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, Driving Licence, and any other identity proof card necessary for owner's verification

Pasport Size Photo

Self attested passport size photograph for agreement paper and also need it for self verification

Property Papers

It is important to verify the tower location and check the eligibility to installation mobile towers

Airtel tower installation documents
No Objection Certificate

After all clear, this is also an important step for any mobile tower installation, provided by the DoT

Land survey report

When NOC is preparing then the land survey report needed to mention there, please provide these details

Bank Statement

Copy of bank statement if asked by the company, the owner also provide bank details for rent and advance amount


When we do any government or private work then we need identification and residential verification. This verification is important for further issues or help and easily clear all aspects. Thus, the Airtel Tower Office also requires the documentation process when we want to install a tower. The Airtel mini-tower documents, Airtel small tower documents, and the Airtel booster tower documents are the same. You have to submit all necessary documents for verification then any action is done. This step decided that the tower will be installed or rejected because after following all terms and conditions the main process is it. So please keep handy your all documents when will you apply. The Airtel 5G tower documents and Airtel 4G tower documents are also the same this time but they may be changed in the future, so you keep updating yourself by our terms and conditions and also the Privacy Policy of tower installation.

Airtel Tower Documentation

We would like to inform every client who wants to install the Airtel towers then it is a mandatory process to process further work but there is no panic because we have a hassle-free mobile tower documents process in India. Airtel Tower Office is one of the largest telecom departments and it never disappointed any customer, so without any hesitation contact our expert and get useful information about Airtel tower documentation 2022.

We assure you that you are in the very right place and here you will get genuine information regarding the Airtel tower installation process. We have award-winning customer support service in all sectors so you can communicate with us for any query or issue. If you have all the documents which have been listed above, then without delay apply to Airtel tower installation.

Airtel tower application form pdf download

In some cases, clients ask for the pdf application form of Airtel tower installation, so we are also ready to send this file. The company has both processes offline and online so you can choose anyone way and register your name if you have any vacant land/plot/shop. There are some norms and privacy policies for installation which you must know before applying. We will mail Airtel tower application form pdf to clients mail. But we recommend all use online way because it is more easy and fast than an offline process. For more information, you can contact us anytime on working days.