Airtel Tower Installation Terms and Conditions !

There are many terms and conditions of Airtel mobile tower installation include land and rooftop. The main purpose is to share these terms of service so that you can aware of all aspects and know every information of tower installation so that you do not face any type of problem in the future. Also, the company does not do any work out of its term and condition, so you have to know as well as follow as terms of mobile tower installation. These terms and conditions mention all work procedures and tell our users how their work will be performed by the company and if you want to take any action on this website then what are the things you have to take care of. Our terms and condition are also followed for new applications and complaints. So once you must see these points which are given below.

  • All offline work is also performed Online now
  • An online new application of Airtel tower installation 2023 is open now (Click here to apply)
  • Users will receive a new application's confirmation mail with all details
  • Airtel Tower Office may take 3 to 7 working days to review your new application
  • The company will send updates via mail or call to the new tower applicant
  • You will have to provide all the documents that the company will ask from you
  • You have to share all documents via mail or WhatsApp
  • Telecomm Department needs the tower's location (land) documents
  • No-Objection Certificate(NOC) of tower location is must be submitted
  • Tower location's owner documents required for identity verification
  • Agreement Paper will be released after approving your tower's location
  • The minimum space required for the rural area is 500sq. feet
  • The agreement will be sign at least 20 years
  • Documents must be matched from the submitted application
  • The total time taken for new tower installation is 2-3 months approx
  • Here is no delay option otherwise cancel the application in some cases
  • You will receive all documents via mail and WhatsApp
  • Receipts, Approval, Agreement Paper, and more are received via mail and WhatsApp
  • Give the bank details of the owner for monthly rent and deposit the advance amount
  • The owner receives a one-time advance amount
  • Processing charges are refundable with the first rent of the tower
  • The complaint file will review within 24 hours
  • You will receive a complaint ID via mail
  • The company may need proof of complaint/issues
  • You will receive all payment receipt via mail and WhatsApp
  • Frequently asked questions may help you must read
  • No health department available within 1 KM of tower location
  • No children faculty near in the tower area
  • You should read the Privacy Policy of the website
  • If you are spamming here then the company will take legal action against you
  • Airtel Tower Office only one website that works on tower installation & Complains

Update TnC

We always update our terms and conditions according to government guidelines. So please keep updating yourself every time for better service in the future.

Replace TnC

Sometimes the company needs to replace terms of services with other existing terms and if it happens then you will receive a mail, call, or SMS.

Remove TnC

In some cases, the company needs to remove any norms permanently. We strongly advise you to all keep updating themself always before any action its website.