Secure tower installation process

Airtel tower installation procedure ~ 2022

In this section, you will get the information that is most important for all new applicants this year because we are going to share a major part of the Airtel Tower Installation Process 2022-2021. So let's read once the process of Airtel mobile tower installation before applying.

5G mobile tower installation process

#1. Send request for 4G/5G Mobile Tower Installation

It is very good news for all customers and users who want to install a mobile tower and earn monthly income without any work. So if you have any vacant land or space on your rooftop then you can register your name for the new Airtel tower installation. There is two way to apply first one is offline and the second is online apply Airtel tower installation here.

airtel tower location verification

#2. Check if the tower location eligible for installation

After applying, the company will check the location of the tower that is eligible for installation and follow all norms because mobile tower installation terms and condition is a must to apply on all new applicant, so please you should read this once. If all aspects are verified then Airtel Tower Office will approve the tower location and send the approval letter as well.

airtel tower installation steps

#3. Start the Application Process and Documentation

Airtel Tower Office will perform the next step that is the documentation process and releasing the one-time advance amount. The company always cares about security so please verify the identity of the property owner. It is important because after this part will be done successfully then almost every process is completed and receive a great deal that is advanced amount.

Airtel mobile tower process

#4. Start Tower Installation Work and Maintenance

After done all works and procedures of installation then the process of installing the Airtel mobile tower will be started as soon as possible. The company will notify by mail or call and the engineer will reach the location of the tower with the permission of the property owner. We assure you that the work will be complete approx 2-3 months and we take care of the maintenance of the installed mobile towers always.

Complete Process of Airtel 4G / 5G Mobile Tower Installation

Airtel is one of the largest telecom companies in India that provide the best quality service of calling as well as high-speed internet service for all customers. We always try to give the best quality service so that you never feel hassle and enjoy the top quality network in India. As far as our strong network is concerned, we have achieved this by increasing our tower installations projects and we will also plan for more installing the tower, all the information about which we are providing you here. Tower installation is the only process by which every company strengthens its network and provides good service to the customer. For which the company needs land or place to install Airtel towers, if you have any such place or land where the process of setting up the tower can be done, then without any hesitation keeping all the procedures in mind you can apply today.

We have some procedures and functions to process every Airtel tower installation work in India and if you want to apply or decide to apply then you have to know the process of Airtel 4G or 5G mobile tower installation. First, you have to send a request for a new installation with land paper and a landowner identity proof card. After these documents receive the company will check the land by drone/satellite and after its approved or disapprove. If your land is successfully verified and eligible for mobile tower installation then you will receive an Approval Letter and further process will be ahead. The second process is documentation and receiving all documents. Also, release the advance amount and agreement paper. After done all, then the tower installation work will be started as soon as possible and it may take 2-3 months to complete. Still, you have any questions or doubt then you can contact the Airtel Tower Office's expert they will provide you with all details and suggest a hassle-free process.